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Alloy Types

Alloy C276 Outstanding corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing environments. Maintains corrosion resistance in welded joints. Excellent resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Widely used in severest environments in chemical processing, pollution control, pulp and paper.

Alloy 400 High strength, good weldability, excellent corrosion resistance over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Mostly used in Valves, pumps, shafts, marine fixtures, fasteners, electrical and electronic components, processing equipment, petroleum refining and production equipment, feedwater heaters and other heat exchangers.

Alloy 600 High nickel, high chromium content for resistance to oxidizing and reducing environments; for severely corrosive environments at elevated temperatures.
Mostly used in Furnace muffles, electronic components, chemical and food processing equipment, heat treating equipment, nuclear steam generator tubing.

Alloy 625 High strength and toughness from cryogenic temperatures to 1800°F (980°C), good oxidation resistance, exceptional fatigue strength and good corrosion resistance.
Mostly used in Chemical and pollution control equipment, ash pit seals, marine equipment, nuclear reactors, ducting, thrust reverser assemblies, spray bars, fuel nozzles, afterburners.

Alloy 800 Strong and resistant to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures. Resists sulphur attack, internal oxidation, scaling and corrosion.
Mostly used in Heat exchangers, process piping, carburizing fixtures and retorts, heating element sheathing, nuclear steam generator tubing.

Alloy 825 Excellent resistance to a wide variety of corrosive media. Resists pitting and intergranular corrosion.
Mostly used in Pickling tank heaters, Pickling hooks, spent nuclear fuel recovery, chemical tank trailers, processing equipment, sour well tubing, hydrofluoric acid production, pollution control and radwaste system.

Titanium Grade 1 Mostly used in Airframes, Heat Exchangers, Chemical desalination and marine parts, Plate heat exchangers. High formability.

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