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EBK offer a range of finished fittings to ensure a good join in Seamless and Welded pipes, Long/Short Radius Elbows, Equal Tees and reducing Tees along with Eccentric & Concentric Reducers are all available in a number of different sizes to match the pipes you are fitting.


All of our Forged Fittings are corrosion resistant and designed to operate in high-pressure environments.

They are made threaded or socket weld or butt weld to ensure strong connectivity and chamfered to ensure an even pipe flow.

There are a variety of fitting available, including:

  • 45° elbows
  • 90° elbows
  • equal and reducing tees
  • couplings
  • half couplings
  • caps
  • plugs and bushing crosses
  • laterals
  • street elbows
  • inserts

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